Chindata Creates 5A Certified Green Data Center for Customers


On September 3, the 2019 Open Data Center Summit hosted by the Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) was held in Beijing. At this summit, the first phase of Guantinghu Big Data Industrial Base won the "Data Center Green Classification (Operational) 5A" certificate, becoming the first artificial intelligence enterprise data center in China to receive the highest level of green data center certification. Prior to this, only one data center out of Baidu, Ali and Tencent was awarded this honor. 

The data center green rating evaluation, jointly conducted by the Open Data Center Committee (ODCC) and TGG (China), is the most rigorous, scientific and authoritative evaluation in China. Operation category 5A is the highest level, and the evaluation team needs to constantly collect real-time data from the data center for 12 months with a comprehensive score of 95 or more. Among them, the energy efficiency dimension, that is, the measured value of PUE, exceeds 50%. Data centers without one-year PUE measurement can only participate in design-level certification. Therefore, green classification certification has become an important metric for measuring whether the data center is advanced and green. 


Such a low PUE can only be achieved thanks to the site selection of Huailai County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, where clean energy such as wind and solar energy are well abound. The data center in the first phase alone is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by more than 120,000 tons throughout the year, becoming the first hyper-scale data center that consumes of green energy, which achieved a local information technology infrastructure breakthrough from 0 to 1, and drove regional green economic development. 

In addition, Chindata carried out a large number of technological innovations, and large-scale deployments in a new mode, creating a series of new benchmarks for the industry-the very first large-scale distributed and fully prefabricated data center, as well as the first large-level prefabricated framework structural data center, the first data center to realize the entire power module prefabrication, the first indirect evaporative natural cooling module data center, and the first computing module integrated prefabricated data center. 

We’ve only got one planet. It is the common responsibility of global enterprises to reduce energy consumption and promote sustainable development. As an enterprise citizen with a high sense of social responsibility, Chindata will continue to practice green operations, create an industrial ecosystem that coexists with the environment sustainability, and implement the development concepts of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness, and sharing. In reponse to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we are on their way making contributions within our ability to realize ecological civilization and the common vision of mankind.

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