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Why Chindata
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Openness inspires innovation. Chindata Group is a flat organization with diversified training resources, as well as offers its employees international exposure and unparalleled opportunities to grow, develop and fully realize their potential.

Here, it’s a place for every kind of brilliant.

Diversity is key to innovation. In Chindata Group, you can think differently and work together with people from different backgrounds, such as different countries, cultures, races, religions, etc. to strive for the dream of a better digital life for mankind.

Here, every great idea can be heard.

Inclusion makes innovators more confident. We value meritocracy over hierarchy by recruiting and promoting talents with different backgrounds and from different fields. We are welcome to take up any challenge in tandem with you.

Here, respect is at every level.

Equality is an integral part of the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN. Chindata Group does not discriminate on grounds of nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, education level, and physical condition when it comes to recruitment, promotion, and remuneration.

What We Believe
  • Always Day 1
    Have the courage to break through, remain true to our original aspirations, and maintain our entrepreneurial mindset and crisis awareness. Embrace uncertainties and risks. Challenge ourselves. Live every day as Day 1.
  • Customer First
    We exist for our customers. We should regard providing excellent services for (internal and external) customers as our goal, and hold true to the long-term values and interests of our customers in a professional manner.
  • Innovate Every Day
    Learn from competitors and the industry. Iterate through trial and error. Break boundaries and seek optimal solutions. Every little innovation makes a difference.
  • Do the Right Thing
    Be practical, realistic and result-oriented. Do the right thing.
  • Be Open and Candid
    Be open to different views and criticisms. Be expressive and candid about all facts and information in work.
  • Be Honest and Accountable
    Honesty and accountability are our bible, which will never be stopped or violated.
Life at Chindata
  • On Call
  • A New Chapter Skyward
  • Chindata Group Spring Outing
  • Happy International Worker’s Day
  • A Special Spring Festival
  • Building the Future With Full Passion
  • Happy Spring Festival
  • Better U, Better Chindata
  • Celestial Start and Future

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