Compliance and Integrity

Chindata Group embraces the values of honesty and integrity. In our business relationships with suppliers, customers, business partners, shareholders and other stakeholders, we operate with integrity, abide by business ethics, comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and have zero tolerance for any unethical or unlawful behavior. In keeping with this principle, we require our employees to strictly abide by all relevant laws and regulations and the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics in all business activities.


In the meanwhile, we published the Whistleblower Policy and Anti-Corruption Regulation to convey our attitude of zero tolerance in relation to corruption, fraudulent activities and other violations of laws and regulations to all employees. We look forward to the support from all employees, suppliers, customers, business partners, shareholders or other partners.


If you want to report the corruption or bribery of any form, including offering, paying, soliciting or accepting bribes, kickbacks or other improper benefits to actual or potential customers, agents, contractors, suppliers, government officials, employees of such entities, or other parties, or any other incident suspected of unethical or unlawful conduct, please send an email to to contact the Business Assurance Department of Chindata Group.


We encourage you to provide your name, contact information, details of the complaint and question when submitting a complaint or question, so that we can contact you promptly for more information and conduct a comprehensive investigation. In order to dispel your misgivings, we will keep your identity and the information provided strictly confidential in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.


We will prohibit any retaliation against persons who lawfully submit complaints and reports, or witnesses, or any other persons who cooperate with the investigation. We also expect you to act with integrity and to have reasonable grounds to believe that the information you have complained about indicates a violation. In the event of any act of fabricating facts, malicious accusations, defamation of Chindata Group employees, etc., we reserve the right to hold the personnel concerned accountable.


Kind reminder: The above contact information is only applicable to the inquiries or reporting concerning the integrity of Chindata Group employees, including but not limited to bribery, corruption, cheat, fraud and other violations of laws and regulations. If you want to make general inquiries or complaints about Chindata Group or its businesses, please use the relevant business inquiry or complaint channel directly so that you can receive a timely response.

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