On the basis of data center craft and traditional aesthetics, Chindata Group explores the beauty and aesthetic issues in craft, breaks the traditional black-white-gray industrial style in the data center industry, and perfectly integrates violence aesthetics and data center technology.
Unique Airflow Design
Our data center designs with thermal mezzanine guides the heat source to effectively to reduce energy consumption and leaves our data hall visually pleasing.
Modular Services
Computer cabinets, power distribution cabinets, closed channels, intelligent lighting, intelligent PDU, electricity, weak current and fiber optic bridges are prefabricated in an integrated manner. With unified specifications, flexible and fast assembly is achieved according to business needs.
IEC AHU Cooling Modules
It is mainly based on natural cooling and supplemented by mechanical cooling, to achieve complete indoor-outdoor isolation and greatly reduce the WUE and PUE.
Power Distribution Modules
All power distribution modules from medium voltage devices, generators, transformers, low voltage power distribution devices, UPS to HVDC are prefabricated, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.
Smart Fiber Pipeline Modules
Use innovative floor-standing modular piping system and clearly classified wiring to avoid cross-construction, save resources and effectively accelerate delivery.

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