Chindata Group tops Greenpeace renewable energy rankings in China's tech industry


Chindata Group (NASDAQ: CD), the only carrier-neutral digital infrastructure platform in the Asia-Pacific region, once again scored first (85 out of 100) in the latest clean energy rankings among the China's tech industry with a perfect score (40 out of 40) on renewable energy performance.

The annual renewable energy use in Chindata Group's owned data centers reached 505 million kilowatts-hours in 2020, accounting for fifty-one percent of its total power consumption. This amount took up 0.02 percent of China's power generation capacity in 2020. Meanwhile, Chindata Group is promoting the construction of China's Internet technology industry's first 150MW photovoltaic power station to meet its own energy needs.

Recently, Mr. Alex Ju, Founder and CEO of Chindata Group spoke at Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 that as an internet tech company Chindata Group endeavors to build green infrastructure with its rooted green gene in the age of carbon neutrality, and deeply participate in this industry as a strong supporter by creating a new economic geographic coordinate in the computing power age.

Clean Cloud 2021 is the second annual clean energy rankings released by Greenpeace with commitment towards carbon neutrality as a new indicator in this year scorecard. Chindata Group is the only major Chinese firm to promise to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 among the 22 companies, Greenpeace said.

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