Green and Efficient Development
We adhere to "zero carbonism" and strive to become a practitioner in the industry during the era of zero carbon.
Our Commitment
We have taken the lead in proposing and implementing the strategic concept of "Zero Carbon Computing," demonstrating our commitment to green development in the industry. With the utmost efficiency, we efficiently convert electricity into computing power and leverage our technological expertise to promote green computing technologies globally. By supporting sustainable development and regional coordination goals, we strive to become a leading force in the zero-carbon era. The Group regards "developing clean technology and building green data centers" as its core strategy for long-term development. We will actively apply green energy-saving technologies and clean renewable energy to significantly reduce the energy consumption level of data centers and help accelerate the green construction and transformation of data centers. We are committed to integrating low-carbon, environmentally friendly and green construction concepts throughout, and continue to explore emerging clean technologies and investments. In the future, the group will also strengthen the comprehensive utilization of new energy-saving technologies and renewable energy, continue to improve environmental performance, and build an internationally advanced ultra-large-scale green data center.
Our Commitment
We identify the key links for practicing energy-saving and low-carbon concepts as "PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) - WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) - CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness)." It sets clear environmental management goals for operational processes and promotes governance practices and operational plans with ESG implications within the Group, thus achieving the eco-friendly upgrade of data centers.
Environmental Goals
PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) By intensifying R&D in environmental protection, the Group seeks breakthroughs in areas such as power supply, cooling, and monitoring technologies in data centers. The aim is to achieve an average long-term PUE of 1.21 or lower.
WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) Over a long period, the Group is committed to enhancing water-saving cooling solutions through technological innovation, such as waterless cooling and heat recovery. The goal is to gradually reduce overall water consumption and ultimately achieve a WUE of 0.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions A clear roadmap for carbon neutrality is established for the next-generation hyper-scale computing centers in the central industry park. The aim is to achieve a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions within our operational and value chain scope by 2050 and to position the Group as a benchmark for zero-carbon computing power.
Integrated Utilization of Renewable Energy By 2030, the Group's new generation of large-scale data centers in China will utilize 100% renewable energy.
By 2040, all global computing parks of self-owned data centers will be powered by green energy.
Our Practice
We adhere to "zero carbonism" and are committed to green development in both green engineering and green operations. We continuously strive to create data centers that meet customer expectations while being environmentally friendly.
Create Eco-friendly Engineering
The Group integrates green and environmental principles throughout the entire lifecycle of the site selection, planning, design, construction, and operation of data centers.
Eco-friendly Site Selection
In the process of creating a digital granary to serve global computing power, site selection is of paramount importance. The Group consistently adheres to the principle of integrating the "energy flow," "business flow," and "data flow." Priority is given to locating data centers in areas rich in renewable energy and with a high proportion of “wind power curtailment”, making data centers more eco-friendly. Data centers are also deployed in regions with high demand for data processing, reducing energy loss during data transmission. Environmental impact assessments and approvals are conducted before construction, avoiding any negative impact on nature reserves, scenic areas, and other environmentally sensitive sites.
Eco-friendly Building Design
The Group possesses extensive technical expertise and experience in green design for data centers. It innovates holistic solutions for data centers, optimizes green construction processes, and empowers green construction with high infrastructure construction standards, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and green and low-carbon technological capabilities. This drives the transformation of data center construction from quantitative to qualitative improvement in ecological environmental quality.
Eco-friendly Construction
The Group incorporates eco-friendly concepts into data center construction and building. We prioritize the procurement of environmentally friendly materials, innovate and optimize green construction techniques, accelerate prefabricated modular construction, improve constraint mechanisms, and establish a green and rule-abiding construction management system. This promotes resource conservation and environmental protection in the construction of data centers.
Eco-friendly Operation
The Group relies on various leading technologies, such as the "Panshi" modular data center architecture, the "X-Power" intelligent power module, "X-Cooling" waterless cooling, and "X-Cooling" liquid cooling, to drive a rich portfolio of green operational practices. This continuous iteration reduces costs, enhances operational efficiency, and ensures the Group's sustained competitiveness.
Enhance Environmental Management Capability
The Group has strategically implemented intelligent monitoring and smart operation systems, leveraging digital and intelligent technology innovations to empower iterative improvements in environmental management capability. This has provided a standardized, streamlined, digitized, and intelligent paradigm for data center environmental management. The Group has developed the "X-monitor" intelligent monitoring system and utilizes the Kunpeng IDC Operation Platform to ensure the secure and reliable operation of data centers.
Optimize Energy Utilization
To address the challenges posed by the uneven distribution of resources such as water and electricity and their impact on the stable operation of data centers, the Group has independently developed various leading technologies, including the "X-Power" power module, the "X-Cooling" cooling technologies, and waste heat recovery, which are now being widely used on a large scale. These technologies improve the energy utilization efficiency of computing power from the source. Additionally, the Group has proposed an integrated solution for large-scale data centers called "Generation-Grid-Load-Storage," which combines self-built large-scale renewable energy wind and solar projects with on-site substations. This allows for the rational utilization of renewable energy generation and grid resources, achieving nearby consumption of clean energy. Furthermore, the Group actively tracks the national green certificate trading and carbon trading markets, as well as the trends in national green certificate prices. It selects more favorable offsetting methods for procurement and actively participates in green energy trading to continuously increase the proportion of green energy.
Comprehensively Manage Water Resources
The Group has developed the "X-Cooling" waterless cooling technology, which offers a waterless alternative solution to indirect evaporative cooling air handling units (AHUs). It has also introduced an industry-leading wastewater recycling solution to reduce waste. At the headquarters in Huailai, Zhangjiakou, the Group has installed wastewater recycling and rainwater collection devices, effectively conserving and utilizing precious freshwater resources.
Enhance Climate Resilience
The Group is well aware of the importance of exploring zero-carbon solutions for large-scale data centers to support industry emissions reduction while leading the construction and development of new green and low-carbon data centers at nodal hubs. The Group has improved its climate governance framework, identifying climate risks and opportunities in the long-term operation of the enterprise, and reducing the impact of climate on finance and business operations.
Following the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and referring to the Enterprise Risk Management framework, the Group explores and improves a closed-loop climate risk process of "identification-evaluation-warning-management-supervision” to enhance climate risk prevention strategies and fully support endeavors towards the dual carbon goals.
Our Highlights

We set clean technology investment goals every year. We plan to focus on adjusting the power consumption structure of data centers in 2023. And we plan to increase green electricity transaction volume by 50%, and steadily increase the proportion of clean energy use;

The PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) of domestic data centers remained at 1.21, far below the global average of 1.55. The WUE (Water Usage Efficiency) of “X-Cooling” waterless cooling technology was 0;

By the end of 2022, we had cumulatively acquired approximately 769 million kilowatt-hours of green electricity through trading. In the entire year of 2022, the trading volume of green electricity reached approximately 220 million kilowatt-hours.

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